Instant Lighting

Lighting up a forgotten monument by using handheld torches.

Sarkhej Roza is a nearby site in Ahmedabad. Apart from the much revered mosque, the monument also consists of two buildings, the Queen’s Pavilion and the King’s Pavilion.

We a group of Exhibition Design students, as the part of an Instant Lighting Workshop decided to bring some attention to one of these forgotten pavilion’s. Choosing the much sleeker and more expressive Queen’s Pavilion; we decided to use the NavaRasa and Bhava theory of Indian Aesthetics to demonstrate the feelings of a Queen who keeps waiting for her King’s attention and is deprived of it.

Hence, using torches, filter papers and candles we lit the monument in 3 Bhavas:
Rati Bhava(Love), Shoka Bhave (Sorrow) and Krodha Bhava (Anger)

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