Contemporary Media Store

I worked at Siddhartha Das Studio, New Delhi for my Graduation Project from end of January to September 2013.
The Client for the project was The Lotus House, a sister concern of GVK.
The project brief was to design two retail stores at the Mumbai International Airport.
This store is thematically based on the world of Contemporary Media.

As the Studio is a multidisciplinary place, with a lot of parallel projects running, I got a chance to work for a couple of other projects as-well, giving me the exposure and experience of working with various kind of people, projects, situations, constraints etc.
Also, as the work at the studio looks at the promotion of Indian arts and crafts, I would say this experience has been an initiation in the world of working with craft people and trying to seamlessly integrate design concepts with the same.

Thankful to the myriad experiences there and the wonderful people I got a chance of working/ interacting with, I am grateful to be able to take the learning forward and apply it.

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