Ahmedabad 600

Ahmedabad 600 was a research based classroom project.

The project included studying a space in Ahmedabad and trying to understand the evolution of the space.
I personally enjoyed mapping the growth of a very popular present day market Dhal Gharwadh. I tried to understand how various social and economic factors have effected the growth of this market and at the same time the growth of the market has effected the social, economic, personal and cultural factors in and around the entire area where it is based. In 2011, after almost 60 years of establishment of the market, it is an integral part of many people’s life.

A perfect example of a transforming space, a growing interaction/ economy. Lowering public boundaries, yet increasing private spaces. A complex environment which gave me an amazing head start at understanding of organic spaces.




A pamphlet designed to be shared with visitors at the Calico Museum, one of the major attractions in the city. This history of the market being directly connected to the calico mills; this small intervention was to encourage people to know the market’s history, go visit it and get to know it, in all its glory.

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