City as Museum

Biodiversity 360 started as a project when I was awarded the Maharam STEAM 2017 Fellowship. I was working in Guwahati, a North-Eastern Indian city, which is experiencing rapid development and population growth. The project went on to be featured in the SPAN online magazine as well as an article was published in the Ahmedabad Journal of Heritage Management.

The larger aim of the project was to look at The City as a Museum, where the box Biodiversity 360, was a guidebook cutting a crosssection through the city of Guwahati.

The strain on the local environment is increasingly becoming visible. This city is home to many species of animals, some of which are endangered or almost extinct in the wild. Through this project, I documented many such species and created an accordion book called “Biodiversity 360”.

This book showcases local species co-inhabiting the city with us, and suggests ways for humans to make the urban environment a safer place for co-existence.

Biodiversity 360_book

The book cuts a rough cross section to the city and urges people to walk around and observe the urban biodiversity. The project aims towards creating a awareness, by sharing information which would be useful for residents to created a more friendly/ less hazardous environment for these species. All these were put together with a narrative and illustrations of each species and their surrounding.

Biodiversity 360_book

The book is accompanied with a small biodiversity map, which shares brief details of the species and the locality they can be found in.

Biodiversity 360_map

One can also see the rough locations for spotting these species across the city and their current IUCN status.

Biodiversity 360_map

The project has been designed and produced in collaboration with a local organization Help Earth. Regular updates on this project can be found on the fellowhip page.

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