Traveling Columns

A travelling exhibition to school and educational spaces about Architectural Elements: Columns was designed. The idea was to make something so structurally strong with a lightweight material which is contrasting in nature to that of conventional columns.

Also, it is a travelling exhibition all components should have been easily packaged and put together at the exhibition space with minimal labour and in least amount of time as possible.
I chose my material as corrugated sheets which is extremely lightweight, which is helpful to reduce travel cost and helps in assembly, also as 1:1 column scale could be given various forms.

My joinery was magnetic, and the system was slot based. Which was again simple and fast to put together.
Overall I also tried to keep the narative flexible and such that it could be accommodated both in smaller and much larger areas.
I also put together a simple numbering system and manual to explain to onsite workers the way to put the columns together.

An overall enriching experience, as after making a full scale model of a column were problems resolved; and also for a project we were considering travel conditions, packaging, dismantling and flexibility was to be considered. Also, even though hypothetical we were trying to understand the economic aspect of it as well.

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